Tuesday, 14 December 2010


an EON engineer came today to fix my boiler
only to be told that the part that the previous engineer ordered last week is the wrong part!
I am NOT a happy bunny right now!!
we have no heating and no hot water and the weather men say we have more snow on the way later this week.
EON say that they can't get back to repair it now until next monday
It's not my fault that the previous engineer was incompetent.
I have complained, watch this space



  1. I don't believe it Jo! You must be absolutely furious. Wish there was something constructive I could do for you. I hope you have given them a right earful & don't let it drop. That's appalling.

    Hugs x

  2. OMG what are they like it was their mistake so they shoulf fix it right away its not fair is it i am thinking of you huni xx

  3. Oh Jo, that is absolutley appalling!! What a joke that they think they can treat people like this in these freezing conditions - NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! I'm really feeling for you hon, try and stay as warm as you all can :o(
    Lots of love and BIG WARM HUGS

  4. WOW hunni thats absolutely disgusting how they are treating you. Do they not realise how blooming cold it is....would they go so long in these temperatures with NO heating & NO hot water??? I think not.....its an absolute disgrace!!! Wish I could help in some way hun....I am sending huge hugs to try wrap you in warmth. Take care sweetie & stay wrapped up & we will all keep our fingers crossed you get it sorted VERY soon.

    Huge warm hugs Vicky xxx

  5. Oh poor you! Not much worse than no heating and no hot water in the middle of one of our worst winters in 5 decades! Hope it gets fixed soon! Warmest wishes, Lesley