Friday 16 October 2015

A double birthday party.

My grandsons are having a joint birthday party tomorrow.

RJ was 1 on monday, Mikey will be 5 on Nov 5th.

I offered to make their party cake, a double sided 2 tier cake...

Mikey's side... Mikey likes Minions.
So this minion is 'up to his neck' in cake ;)

RJ's favourite toy is his Mickey Mouse plush.
I'm not adventurous enough to model a Mickey Mouse out of fondant, so went with this for his side...

Used the same idea that I did for his card.
I have 2 round black fondant ears to add to the top of this side of the cake, I'll insert them using wooden kebab sticks before the party.

EDITED TO ADD:  This is the mickey side with the ears attached. This was taken with my phone so isn't a very clear photo...

The bottom cake is vanilla madeira, the top is Mikey's favourite, chocolate.

I can rest up for a while now before work this evening.. *Phew!*


  1. These are fantastic Jo! It will be a shame to cut into them!! Your Grandsons are very lucky to have such a talented Nanny :-) I hope they enjoy a fab party :-) x

  2. Oh my goodness! No, these are adorable!

  3. YOU ROCK - Happy Birthday to your cute boys and Kudos to you for these EXCELLENT cakes and all the great cards you have been doing!!! You are such a wonderful person!!