Sunday, 24 April 2011

Emma & cake

We had a lovely time last night celebrating Emma's special day, and she loved her birthday cake :)

The bottom cake is plain madeira cake (but has a subtle vanilla flavour)
The 'shoebox' cake is layers of red velvet cake, which I flavoured with raspberry
The shoe was made over 3 weeks, I made the toe and instep part and had to dry them out while resting on cardboard and packed with bubble wrap, the heel was made and dried out using a cocktail stick, once thoroughly dry, I 'glued' them together with black royal icing and then added the bow and the pink insole, before leaving to dry out further.

Can I just say that black icing tastes REVOLTING!


  1. the cake is gorgeous - shame to cut it up!

    Jayne xx

  2. Wow what gorgeous photos and that cake is stunning! x

  3. Amazing cake Jo, I'm not surprised Emma loved it! I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating her special day at the weekend :) Donna x