Monday, 18 April 2011

I have made one of these today...

a red velvet cake.

That isn't a pic of my cake, I googled for the pic above to show anyone who hasn't heard of a red velvet cake what it looks like, I haven't frosted mine because I was just testing out the cake recipe to see if the cake will be suitable for my daughters birthday cake.

The end result... looks fab with a light, yet moist texture, and it's very VERY scrummy!

The recipe I used called for vanilla extract, but I used raspberry flavouring, I'm really happy that I did too because it gives a subtle flavour which works so well with the cocoa powder & reminds me a little of these...


  1. Oooooh that looks yum. Get the kettle on, I'll be there in a few hours! ;) Glad preparations are going well for the weekend. Mwah. xxx

  2. I saw the photo and are in the wrong job her woman!! Then I saw that wasn't your!! Even the velvet sounds delish!! I do like a bag of raspberry ruffles!!


  3. Never heard of Red velvet cake before. I'm coming over with my cup and saucer too. Save a slice for me don't let Fluff nosh it all!

  4. Thanks so much for the recipe Jo. Will compare pics with Faye's make. That is if she dosen't eat it first!!!
    Hugs Mrs A.