Friday, 13 November 2009

Over the Top!

With thanks to my new friend & fellow DT member Terry for passing this onto me,
I enjoyed reading her answers too.... boobtoob!! LOL! :D

The only thing I have to do is to answer some questions and pass on this award to 5 lovely people......

1: Where is your cell phone? here, next to me & the pc
2: Your hair? is on my head, (oh you mean colour?... it's dark brown with added (unwanted) grey ones!!)
3: Your mother? is named Mom and lives with Dad
4: Your father? is named Dad and lives with Mom ;)
5: Your favorite food? Hmmmm, difficult one, I like many different foods, but I do love anything with veg or pasta in it
6: Your dream last night? about my daughter, Emma
7: Your favorite drink? Diet Pepsi
8: Your dream/goal? to have a dream that will come true one day
9: What room are you in? dining room
10: Your hobby? cardmaking
11: Your fear? fast or buzzing insects
12: Where do you want to be 6 years? in a truly happy place
13: Where were you last night? right here
14: Something that you aren't? making my SS card because of a cut finger
15: Muffins? yes please! i'll bring the coffee :)
16: Wishlist item? more money to buy more craft stash!! ;)
17: Where did you grow up? Dudley, West Midlands, UK
18: Last thing you did? this questionaire ;)
19: What are you wearing? clothes! (they lock people up for asking things like that you know)
20: Your tv? is switched off at the moment
21: Your pets? a chocolate tortoiseshell cat named Tickle
22: Best friend? my husband
23: Your life? is ok, could be better
24: Your mood? good
25: Missing someone? yes
26: Vehicle? I don't drive
27: Something you are not wearing? I've told you about asking questions like that before haven't I? LOL!
28: Your favorite store? a craft store (I bet every crafter says the same lol)
29: Your favorite color? green
30: When was the last time you laughed? when I read about Terry's Boobtoob!! LOL!
31: Last time you cried? yesterday
32: Your best friend? still my husband, I promise I didn't lie first time I answered.
33: One place that I go to over and over ? my parents house
34: Facebook? No
35: Favorite place to eat? Home

Phew! a lot of questions!
Ok, I'd like to pass this onto some lovely friends from Auntys...



  1. Jo this really made me smile today... thanks for turning my frown upside down!!

    Also wanted to say a BIG thanks for the lovely comments you left me yesterday...(I'm still blushing!)

    Paula xxxx

  2. Hihihihi Hiya Jo, thanks hun and you are most welcome for the weldeserved Over the Top ...I really had to laugh with some of your answers hun hiihi see you are a lot of fun and you are funny hihihi...Thanks for sharing hun. Hugs Terry