Friday, 25 April 2008

How time flies!

It's official...i'm the mother of an adult !!!

My daughter, Emma was 18 on Wednesday.
She had a lovely day, full of little surprises, the outside of the house decorated with balloons (her face was a picture when she got home!), had a fab family meal at the pub/restaurant where my sister is head chef, she couldn't get the night off so Emma wanted to go there so she'd see her aunty. My sister and her friend came to ours after the kitchen closed for the night.
The day ended with a 'Po Po Pat' party! She loved Postman Pat as a child, so I made her a Jess birthday card, and while I got her to go around to my parents house a little early before going out to the meal, Dave, Laura, Jake and myself quickly decorated the dining room with more banners and balloons, postman pat tablecloth, plates, napkins, birthday cake, biscuits, then left the meal 5 mins before Emma (my parents drove Emma and her friend) and got the 'po po pat' jelly and black forest gateau (her fave) out the fridge, we lit her candle as she came to the door and we sang happy birthday, she laughed so much when she saw postman pat, "not many 18th parties are postman pat themed!" she said. LOL! one to remember me thinks! Nobody wanted any cake or gateau as we'd already had a meal, hence why I didn't make sausage rolls, sandwiches etc!, but the jelly was eaten and some of the biscuits. She cut up her cake for my parents, her friend, my sister and her friend to take home.

Happy 18th to our beautiful daughter, Emma...

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  1. Congratulation!! Happy 18th birthday Emma.
    Great card Jo!
    Sounds like you all had great fun.
    Sue. x