Monday, 21 April 2008

Wallet card - perfect for fathers day!

I wanted to think up something different for fathers day this year, and came up with this - a wallet card! Now this has probably been done before, i'm not claiming it to be my idea, but it is new for me lol, as I was looking for inspiration and saw hubbys wallet, so copied the design of that.
I don't have a template as I cut it by hand, but this is the way I did it to give you a rough idea if you would like to make one yourself **gets out tape measure** here goes ...

I cut a 10 x 5 (inches) rectangle from brown leather look card, rounded the corners and then folded in half to make a square card blank.
Now cut another three rectangles, one measuring 10 x 4.5, two measuring 4.7 x 3.2 (these are what mine measure, no rule as such, as long as they fit and you can still close the card ok once stuck down)
I also cut a rounded rectangle 'tab' , mine measures 5.5 x 1.2,
and also cut a black card circle to make the 'press stud'

I stuck the large rectangle inside the card, flush with the bottom edge so its half inch from the top, i glued mine all down but you could glue just the bottom and sides if you want it to be a useable large pocket. I scored down the middle to allow this to fold with the outside card.

Next I stuck the right hand pocket down, using one of the smaller rectangles, this is a usable pocket (could add a note/sentiment, a lotto ticket, a gift voucher, money etc)
For the other rectangle I cut around an ATC blank (I now have a brown ATC, waste not want not) and I covered the hole made with a piece of acetate. I then stuck this down (sides and bottom only) so that a photo can be inserted.

I folded the tab in half and stuck one side to the back of the card, using a removeable glue dot on the front section to allow the wallet card to close.
The press stud is just the black circle of card with a white gel pen highlight, and covered with diamond glaze, this was stuck to the tab to create the press stud look (the glue dot is on the other side of the tab)

Finished the wallet with a white gel pen to make the 'stitching'.

That's it! all ready to add a greeting/sentiment/photo etc

was thinking of adding this...
"Fathers carry photos where their money used to be!"


hope you like it, please let me know if you have a go too, i'd love to see your take on this.


  1. What a brilliant idea jo this card is fab WTG

  2. Fabby card Jo, might have a go myself :)

  3. What a great idea and a great sentiment to use!