Monday, 7 April 2008

I'm missing him!

My son (aged 9) went away to brat camp Kingswood activity centre today. He is only going to be away until Wednesday tea-time, you'd think i'd be relishing in the peace and quiet wouldn't you? In fact me, my husband and his 2 sisters are missing him like mad and he's only been gone since this morning!
It's Jakes first time away from home, and of course we know he'll be taken good care of and he's bound to have a fabulous time, but this house is just not the same without him, it's too quiet!!!

He's promised to take lots of photos (hope he remembers to, or even has a chance to!) there are loads of activities he'll be doing, he said he was looking forward to going caving the most.
Hopefully there'll be enough shots so that I can help him make a memento of his school trip.


  1. Jo......he will have a fantastic time, my son Sam went to Kingswood last year...and loved every second.
    Trust me enjoy the peace...because he won't shut up about it when he comes home!!
    Sue. x

  2. Thank you Sue xx
    LOL! he doesn't shut up anyway!!
    I've never known the house so quiet! even the cat seems more relaxed! ;D

  3. I miss my brother mommy :'(. I agree it's quiet I'm scared lol.