Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Blog header designed for you

Lots of people are blogging, and most make their own title headers, indeed, many of my friends have displayed their handywork on their page.
My friend Emma mentioned that she didn't know where to start to make her own blog header, so I took a look at her blog and made her one using her own crafting work as inspiration and to make it personal for her.
I'm sure that there must be other bloggers out there that would like a new header for their blogs too.
If you are one of those bloggers, and you'd like me to help design you a blog header too, then please email me using either the button in the left sidebar or the link at the bottom of this post, let me know a rough idea what you are looking for and i'll do the rest.

Once your header is made I will send it to you by email, where you can save it to your pc and transfer it to your blog.

The size of your blog header will be approximately 648 x 170 pixels, and will usually be sent as a GIF
(a different size/format will sometimes be made based on what your requirements are)

Watermarks... Please ensure that you have the correct photo editing software to enable you to add a watermark to your work, the watermarks WILL NOT work with Windows Paint.

IMPORTANT! please read...
Blog backgrounds are made based on a 1024 x 768 screen resolution, which is the most popular monitor setting. If you use a different resolution or screen size, I still might be able to design for you but please let me know BEFORE I start work on your design, thank you.

Please email me to place an order, Thank you.

CLICK HERE to see Siggi Shop's Terms & Conditions, please read before placing an order. By commissioning Siggi-Shop, you agree to be bound by those terms and conditions.

I hope to be able to work with you soon!.................... Jo xx