Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Honey! I shrunk Tilda!...

...rather badly too *insert embarrased smilie here*

This weeks Tilda & Co challenge is 'Shiny Silver' and were asked to try & think outside the box,

so I thought about a Tilda mobile phone/bag charm instead of a card, I used silver plated findings and added the little silver flip flops charm so that was the shiny silver to the magnolia bit, erm, wouldn't it be nice to have Tilda as a charm? I thought.
Erm, well in theory yes, but i'm not happy how it's turned out and that's my fault.
I've had some shrink plastic for aaaaaages and never got round to trying it so thought i'd give it a go for this challenge. I stamped tilda onto it and used my permanent pens to colour it in, so far so good, then I turned on my heat gun...Whoooooooooa! it curled into a little ball... lol!
I managed to uncurl it while it was still warm then gave it another blast of heat and pressed my acrylic block onto it to flatten it, but it looks tatty now and all out of shape :(
I may have another go and see if the next one turns out better and i'll swap the charms if it does.


  1. jo its brillant i was gonna give it ago this week something simlar i seen elsewhere but i dont think me and shrink plastic get on lol

    well done for taking part its ace!!
    and thank u even more for getting away from the standard card xx

  2. Great idea, looks fab to me

  3. Wow this is so wonderful. Love it.

  4. Great idea, and Tilda looks fab all teeny tiny.

  5. this is fabulous Jo, I must try the Tildas on shrink plastic, it opens up a whole new world, great idea!

  6. thank you all for your lovely comments :)
    Deb, have a go! sure yours won't curl into a ball and go out of shape, looking forward to seeing your work.
    I'm not very happy with mine tho it's not bad for my first time trying shrink plastic, but I will get better hopefully lol ;)