Sunday, 13 January 2008

Creating Mayhems challenge

Over on Auntys Forum we have set up some teams (I'm a member of Tracey's Treasures) Each month one of the teams will get to set the monthly challenge that everyone else can take part in. The challenges started this month and was set by Jane's team, Creating Mayhem...
"Create a project in Monochrome, meaning black & white only but with one added colour as an embellishment (this can be a button, ribbon, flower or anything else used as an embellishment) this extra colour, is to depict Winter. Your project can be a scrapbook LO, bookmark, card, box or anything else that you wish to make, but it must be in a shape other than square."
My challenge entry is shown above (because I dunno how to add pics beneath my posts yet!)
A rectangular card with a hand cut snowman, my winter colour is orange because a snowmans nose has to be a carrot for it to be a real snowman!


  1. Gorgeous card Jo :)

    When you upload a pic it always goes to the top but you can click on it and drag it down ;) xx

  2. or easier way jo , is to goto the html view of the post, and copy and paste the html code for the picture , you get a better placement then, copy and paste it where you want it to be on the post.

  3. Jo if you add a pic in code (using photobucket a=href, etc.) you can add it where you like!! ;) Oops, just seen that's what Donna said too!! Lovely header mate... I may ask you to make me one for mine when I get tired of the me on my moon blue one!! I'd love one in black and stuff!! :D
    Welcome to the blogosphere my friend!

  4. BTW - Love your card!!

  5. Great Card Jo! I've put an ad for you on my stampinup site - just need to get the siggi shop logo on there now!