Sunday 9 November 2008

One-a-day Giveaway!!

What an opportunity for crafters everywhere!
Sally from Bootiful Stampz is giving a stamp away every day for the rest of November... WOW!
Here's what Sally says on her blog...

Yep! As it approaches the Merry Season i think i'm going slightly mad!!! and I have decided that for the rest of November I am going to give away One Stamp EVERY DAY!!!!
There are conditions of course!
I want you to tell people about the One Day Giveaway on your blog and link back to This Bootiful Stampz Blog!
You will have until 11/12pm on that day to put your name down, only once per day please but you can enter EVERY DAY!! and of course for EVERY DAY that you do enter, you will have to post on your blog! you could win once/twice or three times who knows!
All names that have answered that day and have posted on their blog (links will be checked) will go into a hat and the winner announced the next day!
I will make a new post each day and you just add your name to that post!
So watch out for the start of the One a Day Giveaway TOMORROW!!!! 10th November!! and of course - Lots of luck!!!

Good luck from me too, remember you gotta be in it to win it! ;)

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  1. thanxs for the link . If you fancy entering more craft challenges and competitions please come and join us over at You can show your work off too
    x jayne x